Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thor Thursday - 45

I think I'll be doing all of those crazy 90's Thor costumes over the next few weeks

anyone know when Thor wore this special piece of 90's awesome sauce?


  1. Sounds great. I'll be looking forward to seeing the King Thor suit. :)

  2. Thanks and I love King Thor. Check out Thor Thursday 18

  3. cools cools
    but please sometime if uv read thor# 600
    do a pic of thor vs his grandfather bor
    or... there is an upcoming event called fear itself the first issue (comes next month)will have thor and odin facing off that be cool too :)
    oh oh or thor fighting the sentry/the void in seige :)
    just some suggestions
    have great week

  4. In Eternia?! Just discovering your art. Awesome.